Farm of origin


Biodynamic ingredients will always be our first choice - they are simply more than organic and we are so pleased to finally be using some UK grown biodynamic Spelt from Shire Farm in Lincolnshire.

Organic Naturally Gluten Free - the ethical way!

Our specialist organic supplier Ziegler & Co, have their own quality testing laboratories where they test for quality and gluten. They have helped to set up small scale agricultural cooperatives and comply with the principles of fair trade. They employ agronomists in Bolivia and Peru helping producers to meet organic international standards. Child labour is excluded and they have implemented a social security system in the communities and contribute to local infrastructure projects. Certified to: DIN ISO 9001-9002, ISO 14001, Organic certification to EEC 2092/91

Peas - 'grain' of the future?

In view of world shortages of grains we keep looking for grains/legumes that could be grown organically in the UK and Europe. Our search led us to PEAS - last classed as a 'grain' in the Middle Ages. Peas are high in protein, pea protein in used in sports blends for body builders and in meal replacements - its easy to digest and gluten free by nature. To our surprise it was very difficult to find organic UK peas. We currently use green dried peas which we mill to flour on our own mill. Pea bread dough is luminously green but the colour calms down into a just slighlty green loaf of yummy pea bread!


Some spelt (triticum spelta) species are crossed with common wheat (triticum aestivum) to enable farmers to use fertiliser to increase the yield. Both are part of the wheat family (triticum) but have many different properties (it's like red cabbage and Brussels sprouts – they are both from the cabbage family but are quite different).

These spelt breeds are known not to have been crossed with wheat (triticum aestivum):

Sirino (a biodynamic breed), Oberkulmer Rotkorn, Frankenkorn, Schwabenkorn, Bauerlaender, Steiners Roter Tiroler and Holstenkorn.

We only buy spelt from farms who can specify the breed of spelt that they grow. Not only do spelt (triticum spelta) and wheat (triticum aestivum) plants and grains look different, behave differently in baking, have botanical differences, but according to Dr. D'Adamo they react differently with the lectins in your blood, making spelt suitable for blood Group 0 (unless you have an allergy). Since blood group 0 make up around 50% of the population this may explain the endless speculations why wheat is ok for some and not for others. We label our spelt bread suitable for blood group 0, whereas wheat bread is not suitable for blood group 0.

March 2012

We are pleased to announce that we now use Schwabenkorn spelt grown biodynamically from Shire Farm, Hagworthingham, Lincolnshire. We've seen the grain, we mill the flour freshly for each bake. Who else give that much assurance and that much freshness?


Beautiful clean plump rye grains from Germany via our organic grain merchant. Milled freshly each day for the freshest flour.


We no longer use any wheat (triticum aestivum) in our bakery.

Could a little book for £ 6.99 have saved the grain harvest in the summer of 2008?

Unfortunately the 2008 biodynamic and organic grain harvest failed almost completely and we saw the beginning of huge grain price rises for all grains around the world. This coincided with the beginning of the global recession. The turbulence hasn't stopped since. Maria Thun's 'Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar' (available from Floris books) said it would be wise to have all grains harvested by the 12th of August 2008! We can't help thinking if all farmers had bought one - it could have saved the harvest...heavy rains started on the 13th April 2008 ... Prices shot up; they have come down again since. 2009: Grain prices are rising again. 2010: Prices are sky high again with harvest failures around the globe. 2011: No report of harvest failures and prices are settled. 2012: Harvest are patchy. 2013: Quinoa is rising and rising. Another good reason to look to home grown cereals or even peas other than wheat and support organic or better still biodynamic farming to increase soil fertility and preserve it for the future.

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