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Storage Instructions & Credit Note Policy

With perfect care most of our breads can be stored for up to 14 days. We are aware that perfection does not exist and have therefore adjusted the 'best before' dates accordingly.

These are the 'best before' dates (summer/winter) that we stamp on our bags:

Breads with rye: 6/7 days

Snack pack, Essene, Pizza bases: 7 to 21 days

Other bread: 3 to 5 days

Longer Life Range : 21 days

The manufacturer's responsibility:

Manufacturers have a legal obligation to supply a product with a 'best before' date and with appropriate storage instructions. Storage instructions are printed on each bread bag and on our leaflets.

The retailer's responsibility:

Retailers have to adhere to these instructions to validate the 'best before' date. Properly displaying the bread in shelves makes commercial sense, it helps to minimise waste and maximise sales. Please make sure your staff are aware of how to store Artisan bread and can deal with complaints if you have any returns of mouldy bread. Very often the 'mould' turns out not be mould at all but a flour vein or a variation in colour of whole grains like rice etc. Artisan bread is a whole food, milled from the whole grain and will vary in appearance from loaf to loaf.

The customer's responsibility:

Artisan Bread Organic and stockists are not obliged to refund money to customers who ignore storage instructions and leave bread in the sun, in their car or wherever, if the bread turns mouldy the next day. Blemishes, flour veins and variation in colour etc. are often mistaken for mould.

This is NOT chemical bread in bags containing fungicide! This is Artisan bread, a natural, living food and if stored and handled correctly can keep up to 14 days or even longer!


We have 5 different checks for each delivery. If there are any shortages we usually know about it and will credit you automatically. We cannot issue credit notes if our storage instructions are ignored and bread is displayed on inappropriate shelving.

Food Hygiene Regulations 1950-89 or the EC (Hygiene of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 2000.

There is no legal requirement against packaged foodstuffs being offered for sale on or after their 'best before' date provided that the foodstuff still is in a fully acceptable condition. However, if out of date stock is to be sold to the consumer, it is strongly advisable to indicate that the foodstuffs are past their 'best before' date. This may assist in ensuring that the consumer is not misled as to the true nature of the product, which is an offence. Foodstuff with a 'use-by' date must not be offered for sale after this date. Read more on these regulations.

How to care for Artisan bread in your store

  • Unpack carton upon arrival and store on proper bread shelves made from slatted polished wood or wire racks where it can breathe, away from the sun, freezer or fridge.
  • If you haven't got a bread shelf, register online and see our retailer's only page for sponsored bread racks.
  • Only in extremely hot weather display the most sensitive breads like the rice bread in a chiller, otherwise refrigeration is not recommended as it stales bread prematurely.
  • Clean your bread shelves often with a strong solution of vinegar or salt to combat mould and sweep up old crumbs - they can carry mould spores to fresh bread.

Promote and celebrate Artisan bread
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