Revitalised Water


Revitalised filtered Water...

All Artisan Bread Organic Bread†is made with filtered water, which is revitalised with the GranderTM System in our holding tanks before baking.

How is the water revitalized?

The Grander process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable.

The Grander process involves a field effect generated by highly structured water ("information water") developed by Johann Grander. The precise method by which he produces "information water" is a trade secret. The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is "revitalized").

Improvement in water quality

he technology is now in its 20th year of use and†can be also†used in domestic†settings to naturally soften and revitalise water instead of using conventional water softeners. Domestic units can be bought for the shower†or for revitalising your drinking water; thereby significantly improving the taste of tap water. The products are designed to last a lifetime and are very well made.
Their prices start at circa £70.00 and can range up to circa £ 2500 for a large house with 4 bathrooms; less expensive units are also available. †See websites below for details and quote the followingreference†ABONOV2012 when making an enquiry. †††

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