What's different about ABO?

Our bread is a whole food - the vitamins and minerals listed on the label are the ones that are naturally present in the ingredients and provide over 15% of the reference intakes. Our products are made with organic ingredients, our whole grain gluten free flours are freshly milled each day to prevent oxidation. Enjoy really fresh flour, grains and recipe mixes for your home cooking. We use revitalised filtered water, our own natural rice leaven and add a small amount of seaweed to all our breads and calcium from seaweed.

We have no wheat or gluten containing ingredients or meat or dairy or sugar in our bakery. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour. Many practitioners recommend our bread to their clients.
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The story behind our bread

Our business has changed a great deal over the years - we started out in 2001 making tons of rye and spelt bread. We supplied health food stores and even an airline. Our Essene bread ticked all the boxes and we were asked for a quality gluten free bread. We soon found that freshly milled flour wasn't just important for making delicious rye and spelt bread, it seemed even more important for rice bread. It tasted bitter when we made it with ready milled flour. We assume that the bitter taste was caused by the valuable grain germ oils oxidising, which would also make the bread less healthy. As we were already milling all of our other flours freshly every day on our stone mill, we decided to buy a special mill for the naturally gluten free flours. Now our naturally gluten free breads tasted sweet and fresh! In 2013 we stopped using wheat and by the end of 2014 we finally went gluten free.

Why we don't use baker's yeast, enzymes, transglutaminase, potato flour, maize flour, xanthan gum, methyl cellulose or sugar!

Industrial baking uses around 2% yeast. Coupled with high speed mixing, industrial dough is ready for baking in minutes. Baker's Yeast (S. cerevisiae) is a genetically modified single strain variety. (According to BIOREAL, makers of organic yeast, 1 tonne of industrial yeast produces 1/3 of its weight of poorly degradable effluent containing 75kg ammonia solution, 15kg sulphuric acid, 11kg phosphoric acid, 4kg magnesium sulphate and 10kg detergents. "Effluent" from organic yeast production is mixed with fruit juice and sold as an organic drink) We believe that digestibility can hardly be achieved in minutes or by adding so-called "improvers" and enzymes of unknown origin (possibly involving animal products like rennet from a calf's stomach). In our opinion, organic bread is only organic if the yeast or raising agent/ferment that is used is certified organic. The same applies to whether bread is vegan or not, as non-organic yeast may be grown on whey, a by-product of the dairy industry. Added enzymes or transglutaminase do not have to be listed on product labels.

Why we use a Natural Leaven

The leaven for ABO artisan bread is made for people with an intolerance to sourdough, gluten or yeast. We used to use Sekowa baking ferment but we were not happy that the ferment contained maize flour - so after a few years of experimenting we now make our own ferment from organic gluten free rice flour and a small amount of pea flour and a spoon full of organic honey. A tablespoon of honey is all that is needed to ferment around 500 loaves of bread. The flour and honey are fully assimilated during the 12-15 hour fermentation process and are therefore not present in the finished bread. Although the honey is not present in the finished product we do not call the bread vegan. We oppose factory farming and you will not find any meat or dairy products or by-products in our bakery. "Organic beekeeping does not allow the practise of destroying the male brood or the destruction of bees in the combs as a method of harvesting the honey. Mutilations, such as clipping the wings of queen bees, are prohibited." (DEFRA UK organic & EC reg. No 1804/1999).

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