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"...I just have had nice breads for my lunch with a soup. I am really addicted to your breads. A long long time ago, taste and texture of breads are supposed and meant to be just like yours ,I guess so they are. Why people are mad about 'bouncing,soft, melting in mouth breads'?? Komisch,einfach dumm..."

Wan-Jeong, Journalist for The Korean Patissier (December 2011)


Dear delicious bread makers.
Please feel free to use my written words in support of your wonderful bread. Oh, and I wanted to add that I am just loving the bread it is delicious!†

Thanks, Amanda, Scotland.

Hello to all of the staff at ABO,

By chance I came accross your web site 2 weeeks ago and as I have just been told I am intolerant to Gluten, oats, rye, barley & spelt I placed an order for various breads.
They arrived on time as promised and I have to say each type, whether a loaf or glutini have all been fantastic, in taste, texture and variety.
I am about to place my second order as my symptoms have all but vanished....I feel so much better, no bloating, more energy....amazing really!!
Onca again, many thanks for your wonderful bread....I will pass on your details to all I know.
Kind regards

Stuart Ilkley, June 2011

What a fantastic find!
I've ordered bread a couple of times now and I am a complete convert.
I dont follow a full vegan diet, but I it is close as I follow the diet proposed by Servan-Schreiber and others and I am always on the look out for tasty bread without wheast, gluten, sugar or salt. ABO certainly meets the mark!
Being gluten intolerent and unable to eat oats, I am delighted to have discovered the artisan bread organic. Your quinoa glutini is delicious and the cacao glutini has the consistency of a brownie but with none of the guilt.
I'm a convert!
Sam Corti - Dec 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for my second delivery, which arrived today. I am really enjoying your products and can see that I will become a regular customer! I am gluten intolerant and predominantly vegan so they are just a God-send, otherwise I can't eat bread at all and sometimes I really miss the comfort and convenience of that.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Christina -2010

Hi to all at Artisan
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the best lunch in ages - sandwiches are back on the menu! Your bread is wholesome, soft and delicious, with a lovely, moist, sweet crust.
So good you can eat it with nothing on! (but not to be recommended in January...)

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your products.
I am a coeliac and O type secretor and was looking un-forward to a life on rice cakes!
Your service and order update is also exemplary.
Satisfied Customer

Dear Sir,
"I though I should write to congratulate you on your excellent gluten-free rice and quinoa bread. For the last two years I have been looking for an alternative to wheat, gluten and yeast free bread to replace a rice loaf I have on prescription as it's full of additives and is completely inedible. In April I visited the Organic and Natural Products Europe Show at Olympia in the hope of finding a suitable replacement for my rice loaf. After the show I tried various bread mixes and breads from a number of different companies that were present at the show, all of which have been very disappointing. While at the show I was given a leaflet and a detailed description by one of your team on your range of products. Having still not found a suitable alternative, I decided to place an order with you two months ago for a box of your bread for gluten-free diets, as it met all my dietary requirements and is additive free.
"When the bread arrived, I was very impressed with its freshness and texture and the ease with which it could be sliced, without crumbling into bits. The only way I can describe the taste of both breads is, simply delicious. As a result of being on the prescription rice loaf for two years, my body weight was well below what it should be and I was lacking energy. Since my first order I have found that my body weight and my general health have improved greatly. I therefore look forward to placing many more orders with you.
PS Please could you send me four of your product lists, so that I can pass them on to friends, who would be interested in your products.
Yours faithfully

Gerrard Craddock

Wow! I received my first order of bread from you 2 days ago and can't tell you how thrilled I am with it! The deli rice bread and quinoa bread are delicious and just like 'real bread'. I think the chewy Essene bread might be an acquired taste for many people but am happy to say that I am enjoying that too. I haven't tried the kamut or linseed bread yet but am expecting that they'll be lovely too. I am so glad to have discovered you (through an article in the Telegraph) as I have struggled to find alternatives since discovering my wheat intolerance.
I will no longer have to eat polystyrene ricecakes or rely on the erratic supplies of a Suffolk baker and his very stodgy rice and linseed bread! Thankyou!!

"Your competitors do produce some horrible stuff!"

"I like the bread a lot."

When placing her second order, Catherine from Lewes, East Sussex said about our Glutinis: It's incredibly exciting when you're gluten free to have something like the Glutini - it's like eating something normal but tasty and healthy at the same time. They are brilliant toasted for lunch ..."

Having had an intolerance to the gluten grains and yeast for over 20 years and also being unable to tolerate pieces of seeds or nuts unless very finely ground, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to eat your gluten free wholegrain breads!
Thank you.

We love your products. They are a true blessing which enables us to provide our son with a very healthy option to the alternative gluten free breads that can be found on the market.

I'd just like to say thank you for providing a great quality range of breads, with the environment in mind. I especially agree with the need to use pure and natural ingredients. As genetic engineering seems to be done to most of our food (even though we have not asked for it) and it doesn't seem to be doing anyone good in the long term.


Many thanks for the heavenly bread.

"One day people will appreciate how special your bread is."
Patrick Tobin, Marigold Health Foods, London

Dear Mrs Greenfield
I came across your bread for the first time the other day when I was in London and made a trip to Planet Organic. It was quite simply the best tasting and most nutritious loaf I have ever eaten - anywhere in the world! You are welcome to use a quote from me in any literature of yours. If everybody brought up their children on bread such as yours there would be far, far fewer health problems for all concerned.
With best wishes
Michael Franklin
Oxford Nutrition and Allergy Centre
IBS and Gut Disorder Centre
Oxford and Harley Street.

Dear Artisan Bread,
Well done! It's incredible! Thank you! Real bread you feel is doing you good! I've been macrobiotic for about 20 (plus) years and have never tasted anything this good! More people must be turned onto this delicious wholesome food. All should know of this bread! It's incredible.
David Pussey

Dear Sirs,
I bought (slightly by chance) your spelt 400g. Having been involved with the Biodynamic movement since 1940 and Demeter when it emerged, I am really glad to have found your spelt bread - please send me a leaflet (we don't do the internet)
Felix Lambert

Having no allergies - I just like good bread!
Mrs A.B. Currie

-What did Jenny Seagrove say about our bread ?".....All the right ingredients! ...."...as she rushed by our stall at Olympia.

-There is the boy from Germany who loves our rice bread so much - his dad's business colleagues have to get it for him any time they are in London.

-There is the health store owner who would only give her child ABO Rye & Spelt to eat.

-I stumbled across your bread at Fresh and Wild in London and as someone with Coeliac disease, I was delighted by the Rice Bread which boasted many elements being gluten free or naturally gluten free. 

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