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Organic Gluten-Free Linseed Bread 375g

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Organic Gluten-Free Linseed Bread 375g

Linseed bread loaf made with only natural ingredients. No gums or chemicals.

Organic Gluten-Free Linseed Bread 375g

Linseed bread loaf made with only natural ingredients. No gums or chemicals.

This must be the tastiest way to get your daily dose of linseed (one heaped teaspoon per slice). We recommend you do not toast the Linseed bread to avoid burning the valuable Omega oils.

We freshly mill the linseed together with the rice to absorbs the valuable oils. Our gentle bake stabilises the oils and give the linseed bread a wonderful crust. We only use the best organic & natural ingredients, no added yeast, gums or chemicals. Loaf size is just under 10cm x 10cm and makes seven to nine slices.

Also available as Bites the cookie size version of our bread!

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  • IngredientsView moreView less
  • Freshly milled wholegrain rice flour*, filtered revitalised water, freshly milled linseed (6%)*, rice leaven*, sea salt, Aquamin F (marine multi mineral complex derived from seaweed (Lithothamnium C)), seaweed (fucus vesiculosus)*. *= organic.
  • Nutritional InformationView moreView less
  • Average Value Per 100g (%*)
    Energy 1118kJ  
      244kcal (12%)
    Fat 4.8g (7%)
    of which saturates 0.6g (3%)
    Carbohydrate 41g (16%)
    of which sugars 0.6g (1%)
    Fibre 4.5g
    Protein 5.7g (11%)
    Salt 0.95g (16%)
    *% Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)
  • Storage & PreparationView moreView less
  • Keep cool and dry. In very hot & humid weather bread is best stored in the fridge in the bag. During the summer months, we put 4 days ‘best before’ from production and in winter 5 days ‘best before’.

    If you store bread in the bag in the fridge it may keep for quite a few days longer than the ‘best before’ date. Should the bread be left in the sun it may go mouldy ahead of the ‘best before’ date.

    For travelling, you can buy the longer life holiday bread instead.


    Best use the 'defrost' button for linseed as to not burn the Omega oils.

    Can be sliced thin or thick. We recommend the amazing Herder bread knife (pantry/accessories) which makes light work of slicing.

    Makes great canapes as it holds any topping or filling well.

    Can be steamed to serve warm – utterly delicious and quicker than a ready meal!


    If the bread has just gone a little dry - revive it by toasting or steaming it or turn it into croutons for salads and soups. You can bind soups and sauces with it or turn it into breadcrumbs - this bread is too good to waste!


    If there are any signs of mould - throw the whole loaf away as mould spores may be present throughout the bread - not just on the surface where you can see it.

  • Can I Freeze It?View moreView less
  • Can be frozen for approx. three months. Many customers slice the bread on arrival and freeze it. Slices can be defrosted in the toaster. We recommend the amazing Herder bread knife (pantry/accessories) which makes light work of slicing; it is a thing of lasting beauty and matches our products as it is handmade without any chemicals.

    You can also freeze the whole loaf. To defrost remove it from the freezer and leave it (do not remove packaging) to defrost at room temperature overnight.

    OPTIONAL: For that ‘FRESH FROM THE OVEN’ taste: Lightly moisten the loaf with water (just wipe your clean wet hands over the loaf) and pop it in a hot oven 180C-200C for 10-15 minutes. It will taste amazing.

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