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Swami Personalised Nutritional Plan & Consultation

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Swami Personalised Nutritional Plan & Consultation

Realise your inner potential with a SWAMI nutrition plan that's built for you!

Swami Personalised Nutritional Plan & Consultation

Realise your inner potential with a SWAMI nutrition plan that's built for you!

Your personalised plan to lose weight, boost energy and improve immunity
The GenoType Diet takes it to the next level with a customised programme that works with your genetic makeup.

Enhance your performance in sports.
Weight Loss - Get off the dieting roller coaster by identifying the foods that are right for you.
Digestive Concerns - Selects foods which are best for your physiology.
Hormonal Balance - Recommends foods that aid in hormonal balance
Inflammatory Conditions - identifies key foods that work with your body.
Immune Conditions - Food is the most important influence on your digestive tract.

SWAMI GenoType, is a sophisticated collection of diet analysis and reporting software. The SWAMI GenoType allows a trained consultant to generate a 35- to 50-page personalised dietary report after 12,600,000 individual calculations.

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    • Once you have placed your SWAMI order we will locate a trained SWAMI professional in your area. You will then be contacted by them to organize your blood tests and offer you details of where your 90 minute consultation can take place.
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    • The SWAMI genotype package includes the costs of an ABO blood test and secretor test and a 90 minute consultation, where your fingerprints, body measurements and medical history will be input to create your personalised nutrition plan. Your SWAMI profile will also give you access to a unique meal planner and cookbook creator software, which will allow you to create individualized weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and a personalized cookbook containing recipes that synergize with your diet.
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    • Before I started using the SWAMI food guide I had over a couple of years reached a point where I was exhausted, getting frequent episodes of burning up every day which I realised was an inflammatory state, pain and swelling in multiple joints and an itchy sore rash on my face which was spreading. I felt like every meal was toxic as I felt unwell each time I ate and therefore I really wasn't keen to eat. This was despite having given up dairy, gluten, alcohol and many fruits and vegetables. It was becoming very difficult to concentrate at work-I am a GP, and to enjoy times with family and friends. I knew, because of my work, that mainstream medicine had no answers for me except maybe oral steroids or strong immune suppressant medications both of which would have caused severe side effects so I was desperate to avoid them. The SWAMI showed me which foods I should avoid, which I would never have guessed or worked out by myself despite months of trying. It also showed me which foods I could enjoy because they would be beneficial. I have been using the SWAMI guide for 6 months now and am much improved. My energy levels have much increased. The inflammation and joint problems have settled. The rash is improving and my work, family and social life are all back on track. The guide and holistic support have all made a big difference to me and I am very grateful. I am also encouraging several of my patients to try it. Dr Amy Lee, GP Cumbria

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