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We bake all bread and cakes to order!

Artisan baking is a 15 hour process and things can go wrong - so we always bake a little extra .. just in case.. That means that we may have bread over and instead of wasting it, we offer it at roughly 1/3 OFF THE NORMAL PRICE to sell it on the day!

We all hate food waste!

It's a win-win: Naturally you cannot specify what goes into the box - we may even add some cookies or some flour or other goodies from our range to fill a box. 

So - if you’re not too fussy about what goes into your box - why not choose one of the following Bargain Boxes, subject to availability:

  1. A Baby Box consists of 4 assorted loaves or equivalent.
  2. A Bakers Box consists of 9 assorted loaves or equivalent.
  3. A Large Bargain Bread Box consists of 27 loaves or equivalent.

Forgotten to order? Need bread in a hurry?

Call us between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to see if we have one of these boxes available. Orderline 0871 200 0588.

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Wakame (Alaria) Irish Seaweed 28g | Wakame (Alaraia esculenta)

Wakame or Alaria esculenta grows in cold water areas of the North Atlantic. It is a very similar plant to Japanese Wakame, native to the Pacific. Alaria is a versatile sea vegetable with a mild flavour and is used for cooking in a wide variety of dishes.

Kombu Royale / Sugar Kelp Irish Seaweed 28g | Wild hand harvested seaweed

Kombu Royale, also know as sugar kelp, is a deep water Atlantic oarweed which grows near the low-tide mark. Kombu Royale may be used as a soup ingredient or as a vegetable. It is great pickled and an excellent addition to salads and seafood dishes.

Organic Gluten-Free Sourdough Style 400g Sliced - Box of 15 | Sourdough Style Box of 15

Our first bread made with ORGANIC YEAST - world's apart from standard baker's yeast. The long fermentation allows all the aromatic flavours to come through. It tastes sweet and yet savoury with a pronounced note of hoppy yeast.

No GM - no chemicals used in the production of this aromatic yeast. It is more expensive than ordinary yeast but it really is worth it.

The resulting bread is so delicious you won't believe it is gluten-free. We slice it for your convenience - enjoy and be amazed!

Gluten-free and wheat-free.

Organic Gluten-Free Rye Style Bread - Box of 9 | Organic & Gluten-Free

Another wow product from the Artisan Bread Organic bakers! An organic, gluten-free, grain free, Rye Style bread made with organic yeast, buckwheat flour and a little pea flour. All the right ingredients, it will remind you of a good Rye Bread. Amazingly tasty with all the right ingredients!

Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa 400g Box of 9

Quinoa is one of the few grains to contain all amino acids (the building blocks of protein). This loaf is made with flour freshly milled on site. We use only the best organic & natural ingredients with no added yeast, gums or chemicals.

ABO Bag Bundle

Unused ABO packaging, which is currently not recyclable in the UK.

Assorted bundles of 200 bags, use as lunch bags or anything else bags! 19 cm wide by 23.5 cm tall.

Organic Gluten-Free Baby Bread Box | Gluten-Free Baby Bread Box

A selection of a minimum of 4 loaves or equivalent in bites or panini.

If you are not too fussy with what you want, then this is perfect for you as we offer this assortment at a much reduced rate. Subject to availability.

Organic Gluten-Free Small Bargain Box | Gluten-Free Bakers Bread Box

The Gluten-Free Baker's Bread Box will be filled with an assortment of 9 loaves of bread or equivalent other products in the range like the buckwheat pizza base, cookies, grain or flour. If you are not too fussy of what you want - bag a bargain today! Subject to availability.

Large Gluten-Free Bargain Bread Box

What is in the box?
The Large Gluten-Free Bread Box will be filled with an assortment of 27 loaves or equivalent other products in the range like the buckwheat pizza base, cookies, grain or flour.

If you are not too fussy of what you want - bag a bargain today! We offer this assortment at a much reduced rate. Why not share with friends and family? Subject to availability.


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