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Organic Gluten-Free Luxury Vegan 23 Carat Gold Miracle Cake 380g | XMAS Miracle Gold

Decorated with real edible 23 carat gold and goji berries for a luxury free-from Christmas. Beautifully presented in a gold embossed (ABO) black box with a festive ribbon. Send this golden cake to someone special this Christmas; it comes in it's own mailing box. No gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no nuts, no chocolate! A unique culinary experience, although real gold is inert and has no taste. This is the most elaborate product we have ever made! The ingredients and details are printed on hand-made paper with golden Marigold petals. The cake may be frozen.

Presentation Box - Black with gold embossed ABO logo | Presentation box

For that special present! Chose any of our small square breads or the Miracle cake to go into this box. We will pack if for you. The box has a magnetic tab lock for a stylish presentation!

Organic Quinoa Truffles with Spirulina Bag of 6 (90g)

Handmade from the finest organic ingredients, quinoa truffles with a spirulina centre. We make these with the finest cold pressed organic high lignan flax oil. Gluten-free, vegan and nut-free. Check out those ingredients! Since when have 'chocolates' been THIS HEALTHY?

Organic Gluten-Free Tiger Box | Assorted Tigernut Products

Contents: 1 each Tiger Biscuits, Tiger Cookies Carob , Tiger Cookies Chocolate, Tiger Cookies Ginger, Chufatella. Delicioulsy sweet & crunchy tigernuts or Chufas, as they are known in Spain, are not a nut. With just a few quality ingredients we turn them into amazing high fibre cookies, plain biscuits and Chufatella. Tigernuts are packed with healthy fats and fibre and are naturally sweet - perfect for healthy cookies! The cookies are not only grain-free; they are also trans fat free. Instead of palm fat we use the very exquisite high lignan flax oil from Flax Farm in Sussex and a little of the finest organic olive oil. These cookies and biscuits are very different in taste and texture to the usual cookies made with wheat and palm oil. We are not trying to create copies of the supermarket cookies - we are trying to make healthy version of them by only using amazing organic wholefood ingredients. If you love our tiger cookies you can now buy them in this fabulous assortment and save money!
Save a sweet 15% by buying this assortment

Change Your Genetic Destiny (paperback) | Change Your Genetic Destiny

Turn off the bad genes, turn on the good ones.
Your genes are not just the "hand" you were dealt. You can change the way your genes are expressed - in the same way you can affect light in a room by turning a switch on or off. The GenoType Diet uses the new science of epigenetics, which shows how environmental factors - including diet - allow you to change your genetic destiny. Your health risks, weight, and life span can all be improved when you live according to your GenoType.

Here's how it works.
Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo rocked the diet world more than twenty-five years ago when he discovered that blood type was a determinant for the kind of food that would help maximize health and weight loss. Since then, Dr. D'Adamo has used the new and exciting research from the human genome project to further refine his system of types.

With The GenoType Diet, he introduces the first ever method for determining your GenoType at home, without expensive testing, and tailoring your life style to your findings. The six genetic types give readers a complete picture of how their GenoType evolved, their predisposition for weight loss/gain, immune function, disease propensity, and a comprehensive diet, exercise and life style profile tailored to fit their type.

With food lists, meal plans, exercise plans, and a detailed resource list, this book has everything you need to start losing weight and feeling great.

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Swami Personalised Nutritional Plan & Consultation

Your personalised plan to lose weight, boost energy and improve immunity
The GenoType Diet takes it to the next level with a customised programme that works with your genetic makeup.

Enhance your performance in sports.
Weight Loss - Get off the dieting roller coaster by identifying the foods that are right for you.
Digestive Concerns - Selects foods which are best for your physiology.
Hormonal Balance - Recommends foods that aid in hormonal balance
Inflammatory Conditions - identifies key foods that work with your body.
Immune Conditions - Food is the most important influence on your digestive tract.

SWAMI GenoType, is a sophisticated collection of diet analysis and reporting software. The SWAMI GenoType allows a trained consultant to generate a 35- to 50-page personalised dietary report after 12,600,000 individual calculations.

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SWAMI Personalised Nutrition Leaflet

Realise your inner potential with a SWAMI nutrition plan that's built for you.

It's been called "revolutionary" some say it's "life changing", there are many tailored diet plans on the market, but SWAMI takes nutrition and well being to a whole new level. Using personal information such as your health history, biometric markers and even your genetic makeup.

Want to know more? Add this leaflet to your basket with our compliments.

ABO Supplements
Individualized vitamins and nutritional supplements Right For Your Type. Shop Here

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Atlantic Seaweed Bath Irish Seaweed 200g | Rich in sulphur and iodine

Atlantic Seaweed Bath harvested from the Atlantic waters off the North West Coast of Ireland
Please note: Packaging has changed - the product now comes on a clear pouch - not in a box as shown here.
Seaside seaweed baths have an honoured place in our therapeutic history, traditionally recommended for alleviating dry skin, relieving aches and pains and aiding body detoxification.

Slide into the depths of that history today with your own seaweed bath in your own home. For a relaxing bath that leaves your skin silky soft.This natural product is high in sulphur and iodine (amber tint). It also contains Vit A (retinol), Vit E and is rich in natural oils. The white coating which may be present is sea salt.

Pack contains one block of dried Fucus serratus. Can also be used as a loofah and reused within 48 hours.


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