Advance Warning: Please order your Christmas deliveries during November and freeze it. Stock up on our new emergency bread flour mix to make your own emergency bread, pizza, dessert, and fritters - all from the same mix!

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Christmas Bread Puddings (Box of 6) 450g - Sweetened with dates only

Six sweet little individual bread puddings in a Christmas box - simply decorated with date halves. Serve warm or cold for a sticky sweet (no added sugar) winter treat. No eggs, no dairy, no added sugar, no palm fat... Good food can be so simple!

£5.75 - £19.95
Presentation Box - Black with gold embossed ABO logo | Presentation box

For that special present at Christmas! Chose any of our small square breads. It leaves a little room for anything small you would like to add. The box has a magnetic tab lock for a stylish presentation!

Organic MuQi Wellingtons Vegan Gluten-Free

Two individually portioned delicious mushroom and quinoa Wellington. Perfect for Sunday roast, picnics, lunch boxes. Ready to eat, gluten-free, vegan & organic. Great source of plant protein - with Vegan 'bacon'* for that Umami flavour! They look good - they taste good - you may even convince a meat eater to try them!

* Dilisk/Dulse is the delicious, slightly salty red seaweed, often referred to as Vegan 'bacon'.

Organic Gluten-Free Luxury Vegan 23 Carat Gold Miracle Cake 380g | XMAS Miracle Gold

Decorated with real edible 23 carat gold and goji berries for a luxury free-from Christmas. Beautifully presented in a gold embossed (ABO) black box with a festive ribbon. Send this golden cake to someone special this Christmas; it comes in it's own mailing box. No gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no nuts, no chocolate! A unique culinary experience, although real gold is inert and has no taste. This is the most elaborate product we have ever made! The ingredients and details are printed on hand-made paper with golden Marigold petals. The cake may be frozen.

Organic MuQi Wellington Vegan Gluten-Free 650g

Ready to eat, gluten-free, vegan & organic. Looks good and tastes good! Reheat it in the oven to serve hot with your favourite vegetables. Amazing with a wild mushroom and red wine gravy and cranberry sauce. Equally delicious on a cold buffet; great with mustard or wasabi (optional). Enjoy!

Festive Tigernut Pastry Mince Pies - Box of 6 (300g) | Not like any other Mince Pies!

Organic, gluten-free Paleo & Vegan mince pies sweetened with fruit only. No eggs, no dairy, no gluten, no nuts. Dusted with a light sprinkling of tigernut flour - not with icing sugar! Tigernut pastry is nutty without nuts. Freshly made to order - they do not store like mince pies made with palm fat and sugar. Freeze them on arrival if you want to keep them for later or just enjoy them fresh as they are. Slightly warmed in the oven they release the lovely scent of apples, cinnamon and spice! If you want something fluffy that tastes like 'normal' mince pies - these are not for you! Reserved for lovers of real food with bite and flavour and less sweet. We lovingly squeeze fresh lemons and grate fresh apples which we mix with the most aromatic organic Christmas spices and raisins. Please buy only 1 box if you have never tried them. We are very proud of this invention which uses the finest organic olive oil in the pastry instead of palm oil .. we realise that they are not for everybody. Hopefully you will find yourself in the 'foodie heaven' camp - fingers crossed.


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