Advance Warning: Please order your Christmas deliveries during November and freeze it. Stock up on our new emergency bread flour mix to make your own emergency bread, pizza, dessert, and fritters - all from the same mix!

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Freshly baked to order with the finest organic ingredients and freshly milled flour. Our bread is not big and fluffy as we do not use any gums or additives. Instead, we use traditional 12-15 hour fermentation and a mild sourdough leaven. Our little loaves are just under 10cm x 10cm and weigh around 400 grams; they provide between 7 and 9 slices. We also bake bread bites, Panini and Pizza bases.

Gluten free organic bread

Gluten free organic bread made without chemicals or gums just natural ingredients.

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Gift of Health Voucher | Gift Voucher

Would you love to introduce someone to healthy organic gluten-free bread and more? With this online gift voucher, they can order what they like and have it delivered when it suits them. Choose from £10, £30, or £50. We will email you the unique code for you to pass on.

If you love what we do and you want others to discover really healthy food - this is the easy way to do it! Let them experience a new world of tastes and textures.

Please note this voucher can only be used for online orders.

£10.00 - £50.00
Organic Gluten-Free 97% Quinoa Panini 3 (345g) | Quinoa Panini

Avoiding rice? This is made for you: All the flour in this bread is freshly milled quinoa flour! The sourdough leaven contains 3% rice flour which is largely assimilated in the natural fermentation process; hence we call it 97%. No yeast is added - this is real bread - just without the gluten!

Packaging: There are 3 paninis in a pack. Choose from a box of 4 packs or a box of 9 packs - please select below.

£5.25 - £42.00
Organic Gluten-Free Buckwheat Bread PANINI 3 (345g) | Buckwheat Bread PANINI 345g

Try our delicious gluten-free buckwheat paninis. They are soft and tasty and great for sandwiches or burgers of any kind. We use only the best organic & natural ingredients with no added yeast, gums or chemicals. Size is just under 10cm x 10cm each.

Packaging: There are 3 paninis in a pack. Choose from a box of 4 packs or 9 packs - please select below.

£4.75 - £38.00
Organic Gluten-Free Small Bargain Box | Gluten-Free Bakers Bread Box

The Gluten-Free Baker's Bread Box will be filled with an assortment of 9 loaves of bread or equivalent other products in the range like the buckwheat pizza base, cookies, grain or flour. If you are not too fussy of what you want - bag a bargain today! Subject to availability.


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