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Freshly baked to order using the finest organic ingredients and freshly milled flour. No gums or chemicals - instead we use traditional fermentation and a mild sourdough leaven. Most of our bread does not contain added yeast. Where we do use yeast - we use organic yeast. Our PANINI range is perfect for sandwiches and burgers. 

New: Multibuys - buy a freezer pack of 10 Panini for the price of 9!

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Organic Gluten-Free 97% Quinoa Panini | Quinoa Panini

PLEASE NOTE: Until we have the packaging sorted these are only available as 10 packs of 10 - that is 100 Panini as the minimum order!

Avoiding rice? This is made for you: all the flour in this bread is quinoa! The sourdough leaven contains 3% rice flour which is largely assimilated in the natural fermentation process. No yeast is added - this is real bread!

Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa Panini | Quinoa Panini

PLEASE NOTE: Currently these are only available as 10 packs of 10 - that is 100 Panini as the minimum order!

Please sign up to our newsletter so we can tell you when these are available in smaller packs. In our pledge to go plastic-free we are phasing out the plastic bags but the new packaging machine which uses Natureflex (not plastic) is not here yet.

This is the sandwich size version of our amazing Quinoa bread. Quinoa contains all essential amino acids. You may find them used in some quality burger restaurants as a healthy alternative.

Our bread is made with flour freshly milled on site. We use only the best organic & natural ingredients with no added yeast, gums, or chemicals.

Organic Gluten-Free Oatie Breakfast Bread 115 grams | Oatie Breakfast Bread

Chewy oatie breakfast bread - for a healthy breakfast - even on the move. Enjoy the warmth and comfort unique to oats released by chewing slowly and thoroughly. Eat as it is or toast it or steam it to eat warm. Made from organic gluten free oats with just a sprinkle of salt (reduced salt) and seaweed - simple and back to nature. Buy a single pack (115g) or buy 1 pack of 10 (1150g) for the price of 9 - please select below.

£1.70 - £15.30

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