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Freshly baked to order using the finest organic ingredients and freshly milled flour. No gums or chemicals - instead we use traditional fermentation and a mild sourdough leaven. Most of our bread does not contain added yeast. Where we do use yeast - we use organic yeast


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Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Baguette Rolls | with olive oil

Delicious Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan Baguette rolls.
Look like wheat rolls - taste even better! Enriched with organic olive oil, oats and ground golden linseed for a dreamy creamy crumb with a crisp crust. Best of all - they are not wheat and are 100% gluten-free. Pack of 10 small rolls 420g with a best before date of 4-5 days from bake. The bag of 10 is perfect for popping in the freezer on arrival. Wonderful for a Sunday morning breakfast. If you want to warm them up in a hot oven for a few minutes they will taste just like fresh from the oven. They are fully baked so you can just enjoy them as they are. You have asked us for a really nice white roll and here it is - our baking boffins have done it again! Only lovely natural organic ingredients - no gums - no additives!

Organic Gluten-Free Sourdough Style Rolls | Organic Sourdough Style Rolls

They weigh 95g each and come in bags of 3 or 10. Made from freshly milled flour. Our first bread made with ORGANIC YEAST - worlds apart from standard baker's yeast. The long fermentation allows all the aromatic flavours to come through. They taste sweet and yet savoury with a pronounced note of hoppy yeast. No GM, no chemicals used in the production of this aromatic organic yeast. We call this bread 'Sourdough Style' because they looks and tastes like the bread you buy in markets and yet these are gluten-free. All our breads are made with a sourdough method - not just this one! We call our sourdough a 'leaven' and it differs from a normal sourdough as our method allows more lactic acids to develop (not from milk) which is better for digestion than acetic acid. It also tastes milder - not sour. More on this can be found in our FAQ's. (Sorry to get technical here but it is important)..The bag of 10 is perfect for the freezer.
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£3.55 - £10.65
Organic Gluten-Free Rye Style Rolls Large (Buckwheat)

Another wow product from the Artisan Bread Organic bakers! An organic, gluten-free, grain free, Rye Style bread roll made with organic yeast, buckwheat flour and a little pea flour. All the right ingredients, it will remind you of a good Rye Bread. Amazingly tasty with all the right ingredients!
Buy a bag of 3 rolls or buy a freezer bag of 10 rolls and get 1 roll FREE - please select below.

£4.95 - £14.85

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