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‘Gluten-Free’ has almost become a dirty word in foodie circles and it is clear to see why

ABO bread breaks all moulds with a host of innovative products! This is not something you ‘have to eat’ this is bread (and more) you ‘want to eat’. Just take away the label ‘gluten-free’ and enjoy.

This is Food that Loves you Back!

We went 100% gluten-free in 2014 but we differ hugely from your average gluten free bakery. Around seven different grains and pulses are freshly milled in house each day, to avoid oxidation and to ensure a sweet and fresh taste.

No baker's yeast is added* - instead we have developed our own rice leaven and use a 15 hour fermentation process. The bread is ripened before it is baked resulting in superb taste, texture and digestibility.

*We have recently added one amazing bread which uses yeast – but as you would expect from us – it isn’t ordinary yeast: It is ORGANIC hypoallergenic yeast developed by Agrano for bakers who care!

No Xanthan Gum, Methylcellulose or Cheap Fillers!

No Xanthan Gum, Methylcellulose or cheap fillers like potato or corn starch are used, as is so common in gluten free baking the world over. Only freshly milled artisan flour, water, sea salt, seaweed and a multi mineral from seaweed plus the rice leaven is used to make a perfect loaf of ABO bread.

We have Developed our own Rice Leaven!

The leaven for ABO artisan bread is made for people with an intolerance to sourdough, gluten or yeast. We used to use Sekowa baking ferment to make our leaven but we were not happy that the ferment contained maize flour - so after a few years of experimenting we now make our own rice leaven from organic gluten-free rice flour and a small amount of pea flour and a spoon full of organic honey. A tablespoon of honey is all that is needed to ferment around 500 loaves of bread. The flour and honey are fully assimilated during the 12-15 hour fermentation process and are therefore not present in the finished bread. As the honey is not present in the finished product and we don't feel there is any cruelty to bees with organic-biodynamic honey, we call these products 'Vegan Friendly'. We oppose factory farming and you will not find any meat or dairy products or by-products in our bakery.

Bread with Supplement Grade Ingredients

We use Fucus vesiculousus in our breads – which is also used in the blood group and Genotype supplements. Dr D’Adamo quotes long lists of research into this amazing seaweed, which he calls a gift from the sea on his website:

We use calcium from seaweed which is a unique marine multimineral complex, providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals. Unlike other mineral sources used in food, beverage and supplement preparation; Aquamin (Lithothamnium calcareum) is derived from 100% seaweed (red marl), which absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater. This form of absorption, coupled with Aquamins’s unique structure, results in a mineral rich product that is neutral tasting, free of chalky texture and easily absorbed by the human body.

We Don’t Stop at Bread

We also sell our ingredients and other delicacies you cannot find on the High Street - the finest herbs grown high up in the Alps or the nuttiest freshly pressed flax oil from Sussex to exquisite organic fruit spreads from Hungary and highly nutritious tigernut products, seaweeds and freshly milled flour.

We think outside the box and we invent new and exciting products and recipes all the time – we are often asked to develop products for other innovative companies and we get involved in academic research into future foods.

Aberdeen University is researching into future foods for food security and our pea bread is part of this research!! Pea bread ticks all the boxes of what we need to achieve for a sustainable food future. Peas are high in protein, easy to grow and harvest. Pea protein is easy to digest – it is used from meal replacements to athlete’s food. Peas are a valuable crop as they put nitrogen into the soil – most plants take nitrogen from the soil. Peas make the perfect green manure.

Future food for wellbeing will be genotyped according to IGD working group report 2003

Our recipes have been formulated to be healthy for as many people as possible – all ingredients are carefully chosen for their particular function. We respect that you are an individual and that we are all different and need different nutrition – one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Whilst on the subject: Our mission is to see Xanthan gum returned to the fracking field where it came from. For more information see our ingredients pages. We also recommend Joanna Blythman’s excellent book ‘ Swallow This – serving up the food industry’s darkest secrets..’ ISBN 978-0-00-754833-0.


Celebrate the Difference

Many people totally rely on us for food to keep them happy and healthy and we are honoured that they place their trust in us and we never forget that. Our bakers are very aware of the responsibility they have. We use single harvest ingredients and like with single harvest wine and olive oil – there are seasonal and regional variations and then there are the other natural influences, like weather and climate and planetary influences. Celebrate the difference – this is not mass produced bread made from blended flours to always taste and look the same.

You can find our award winning bread in some of the finest places in Europe and we hope it will grace your table soon. We use at least seven different grains and pluses to make bread and cakes and more. We do have a little Taster Box if you want to try before you buy - as there is more to life than just white and brown bread..

A Gift from The Sea

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What is Umami?

Umami is a fifth taste in addition to the four basic tastes sweet, sour, salty and bitter that has been discovered by a Japanese scientist in 1908. It has been found that glutamate is the substance with the umami taste for which the human tongue actually has receptors.

Umami is described as kind of savoury or simply as delicious. Seaweed is rich in glutamate and one of the best-known sources of Umami. Umami can be an alternative to salt and is recommended to reduce salt levels in your cooking. We replace some of the salt in all our breads with seaweed!


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